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A Merry Christmas To All Our Esteemed Clients

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December is one of the best months in the year as everyone look forward to celebrating Christmas with families, friends and loved ones.


It is a season where love, joy, peace, excitement and merriment flows in the atmosphere. It becomes even more exciting when it's 25th of December, because it's Christmas.


It is a season where love, joy, pece, excitement and merriment flows in the atmosphere. And for us at Tongkuai Elevator (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., it is even a more joyous moment for us all. We share the love and joy in this season together.


As a reputable company known for its innovations in the manufacturer of elevator, we are glad to know that our services are appreciable by all our clients.


Our clients have been the reason for our persistence in innovating high-quality elevators which have become famous in China and globally.


We appreciate all our clients for your patronage throughout this turbulent year. We want to ensure you that, we will continue to be at your service, providing you with the best of our services and quality elevators.


To express our profound joy towards our clients in this season, we are giving out gifts and packages to celebrate Christmas in style.


We can't go on to celebrate Christmas without talking of our beloved employees and staffs who have put in their time, energy idea and skills to ensure we get to the height we are now.

Merry Christmas

Tireless efforts have been put in by our employees to give our global teeming customers the best quality elevators that suits the buildings and meets their taste, as well as being comfortable.


As a world class elevator company, we couldn't celebrate Christmas without expressing our gratitude towards our employees and staffs.


Gifts and packages were distributed among employees from the company to celebrate Christmas. These welfare packages and gift were given to ensure that employees enjoy the celebration with their families.


In addition, awards were given to employees who had the best performance of the year, and this even spiced up the celebration even more.


Along with the awards, gifts and packages given to our employees, our company gave holiday as well to allow them celebrate Christmas and the entire season with their families, friends, neighbors and loved ones.


So much excitement was expressed from our employees as they promised to continue giving their best and remain committed to their duties so as to enable the company remain a global figure.


As we celebrate the season of Christmas, we want to remind our clients that we are still in the business of providing you with high-quality elevator.


We wish all our dearly esteemed loyal and prospective clients, employees, staffs and loved ones a merry Christmas.


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