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Shopping Cart Escalator Sent To A Client In Xinyang, Henan

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Shopping cart escalator has been in existence for decades and the advancement in technology has increased the use of it in buildings such as shopping malls and offices.


The escalators are mostly used when lifts may seem not to fit into a building structure, but it can be used alongside with lifts too.


Some of the places where escalators are used are shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, railroad/railway stations, department stores, public buildings, and so on.


Sometimes, the escalator may require additional features; for instance, in a shopping mall, the escalator may have features that will allow the use of a shopping cart. Therefore, the shopping cart escalator will be very suitable in shopping malls.


Due to this fact, the kind escalator that will be used is going to be a type that will allow the movement of people and goods in a shopping cart.


Therefore, obtaining a high-quality shopping cart escalator from experience and reliable manufacturer like us is a very good idea to embark on.


Also, we offer brilliant service delivery by manufacturing shopping cart escalator that will ease the stress of climbing and carrying loads on stairs.


Such a high-quality and first class services from us has enhanced our connectivity with more clients and many of them have testified to the quality of our products as well.


Also, we engage in a follow-up service whereby we send our team of engineers for checkups and maintenance of escalators, which we installed for our clients.


Recently, a client requested for shopping cart escalator whereby the shopping cart escalator was sent to Xinyang, Henan.

shopping cart escalator

Apart from the fact that the machine was quickly assembled with the best materials, the proper functioning of the machine was examined before it was shipped to our client in Xinyang, Henan.


After the shipping of the shopping cart escalator to our client at Henan, our technical team installed it and ran a test for proper functioning while our client and his technical team were watching the whole process.


The shopping cart escalator sent to our client in Xinyang, Hana happens to be a prototype of our high-quality products which have been delivered to various clients around the world.


The client was happy with the quality of the shopping cart escalator materials and fast delivery, and the success of the delivery has in no little way enhanced our level of professionalism in the trade.


Our client’s feedback

After the successful delivery of the shopping cart escalator to our client at Henan, our client was overwhelmed with gladness and he said:

“It has been a privilege to work with Tonkuai Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. because they are a tested and trusted manufacturer of high-quality elevator. We look forward to purchasing more elevator machine from you. Frankly speaking, the quality of your product and the expert you have shown in its design and delivery is highly remarkable”


Contact us for high-quality shopping cart escalator

We are Tongkuai Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a renowned and reputable manufacturer of escalators.


You can trust the quality of our shopping cart escalator because we deliver the best escalators for different types of buildings.


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