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Considerate Services

TONGKUAI ELEVATOR can specially  design various elevators according to the client’s requirements.

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The professional service teams

TONGKUAI ELEVATOR (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. owns the powerful service teams to all-weather safeguard your passenger flow in 24 hours. Our repair technicians think highly of the safe and practical properties with quick response. We rush to the site as soon as possible. We wholeheartedly provide you with the long-term solution plans.


Pre-sale Service

Professional before-sale service: we have rational and scientific design plan custom-made for vast clients.


Installation Service

Excellent installation service: The effective installation team greatly reduces the construction cost and time.


Maintenance Service

Perfect maintenance service: It ensures and prolongs the running period of customer elevator to the greatest extent.


Technical Support

Detailed technical support: The professional technicians solves the technical problems of your product.


Promptly Remove

Promptly remove the trouble : At receiving the repair call, we rush to the site to remove any of the elevator trouble.

Brand height starts herefrom

TONGKUAI ELEVATOR enhances the after-sale service to another form of the product quality. It takes the users’ requirements as the service starting-points. It adheres to the world’s first-class management system and service standard. It promises all-weather repair and maintenance.It can do annual-examination service etc. for you so that you feel the sweet and perfect high-end service standards.

The first-class system

No matter for before, mid and after service, it offers full-course one-step fine services till life-long service time limit of the products.

It regularly dispatches repair and maintenance staff to test and maintain the elevators so that you can rest assured in using the elevators.

The first-class standards

  • Professional

  • Prompt and convenient

  • In-time

  • Instant and immediate

A Fully Innovative Design

  • It matches with the professional technical team with rich experience.

  • It momently provides the clients with the perfect technical advise and instruction.

  • It reasonably arranges repair and maintenance time. Under the conditions of unaffected the users’ elevator operation, it finds the problems in time and removes any hidden dangers in advance.

  • 24-hour customer service hot-line ensures the clients’ emergency repair and maintenance requirements